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Fitness, Muscle Gains and Fat Loss and can be yours in less time than you ever thought possible through our Bodybuilding based Weightlifting Programs– Reviewed, Approved, and USED by Professional Trainers Worldwide.

"Our Fitness mission at 10Buck is to change the way athletes and bodybuilders of all levels pursue their fitness goals with Bodybuilding based Weight Training philosophies and workout structures unique to The 10 Buck Training Methods."

Join the thousands that have benefitted from our exercise programs that you can download and have RIGHT NOW. TODAY.

Whether you workout at a gym or healthclub, high school or college weight room, or at home with weights or even a Bowflex gym- our exercise programs will get you the results you’re looking for- faster than ever- and we guarantee that for 6 MONTHS.

"At 10-BUCK Fitness- 19% of our sales to date are REPEAT customers coming back to purchase an additional exercise program, and 27% of our sales are referrals from a friend. We are very grateful for the support of our revolutionary training methods that will continue to change the lives of athletes of ALL levels."

The two biggest challenges for not reaching your fitness and exercise goals are simply MOTIVATION to exercise, and finding the TIME to exercise. At 10BUCK Fitness we have TARGETED these two factors in reaching your Fitness, Muscle Gain, Health, and Fat Loss goals.

The first challenge is MOTIVATION to exercise, and this can diminish for two factors: lack of results, and lack of energy as a result of overtraining. Our exercise programs address BOTH of these factors with programs that PRODUCE RESULTS FAST, with short, INTENSE workouts that keep you MOTIVATED for more- without the BURNOUT caused by overtraining.

"There are many published physiology, fitness, and exercise studies showing the benefits of short, high intensity workouts. These studies also confirm the negative catabolic effects of hours long Fitness or Bodybuilding sessions. Hormone release as a defense mechanism can put your body into a survival mode and can actually start to CONSUME muscle fibers for an energy source."

Finding the TIME to exercise with today’s busy lifestyle and social commitments is the second challenge in reaching your fitness goals. Our programs will keep your training times to a MINIMUM, while producing MAXIMUM results by substituting INTENSITY for time-consuming exercise volume with our time-saving intensity techniques.

Imagine being in the BEST health and fitness levels of your life while exercising LESS THAN 1 HOUR per day year round and only 4 days per week! It's time to work out SMARTER - NOT LONGER.

We will not only show you how to exercise and train smarter with our workout efficiencies- all of our exercise programs have printable training logs complete with your exercises, sets and reps for each of 4 training levels, and areas for you to record the weights your using and the repetition counts. The exercise training logs are worth the cost of the exercise programs alone.

Fitness bodybuilding_exercise training log

How IMPORTANT is this? You can’t track your fitness progress or target fitness improvements and goals without solid numbers and data to analyze for setting and achieving your fitness and exercise goals. For example:

  • If you have a nutritionist or dietitian helping you to lose weight- one of the first things they would have you do is start recording every morsel of food you put in your mouth each day to get a TRUE total caloric intake each day. This is to track and monitor your REAL daily caloric intake against your target daily limits.
  • Even a financial planner will have you recording where each and every penny from your income goes on a daily basis to assess your TRUE daily expenditures. This is to have REAL numbers to work with in establishing and monitoring a monthly budget to achieve your financial goals.

Exercise training logs will also keep you on course by taking out any guesswork trying to remember just how much weight you last used, the numbers of repetitions you were able to perform for a particular exercise, and even which set you just finished if your focus wanders- by simply looking at your last recorded figures.

Exercise training logs also help you maintain structure in your weightlifting programs. Here’s a snapshot of our training program structure for The 10BUCK Training Methods for both the Original and Off-season versions:




NOTICE the estimated exercise training times in the last 2 columns! Our fitness programs are structured in 4 different training levels to address your current fitness level, the amount of time you have to train and your ultimate fitness goals- SIMULTANEOUSLY!

"Athletes with a set amount of time to exercise each day- benefit from our flexible fitness programs, allowing you to perform a varied level of exercise to fit your schedule. For example- you could work out to Level 2 on days 1 and 3, and Level 4 on days 2 and 4- without limiting your results- and keeping your daily workout time at around 30 minutes."

A couple of other things you might notice with our Year round and Off Season programs is exercising Chest 2 times per week, and training Legs and Back only 1 time per week- don’t be fooled. First, your Chest consists of a very complex group of muscles- Upper, Lower, Middle, and Inner, Outer, and Middle. You can’t possibly train all areas of your Chest completely in a single workout. We have divided this muscle group into different sections that target each of these areas differently in each of the 2 training sessions for TOTAL chest development.

Second, our Leg and Back routines are so intense that you will still be feeling their results up until just a day or two before having to work these muscle groups again the following week.

"If you have been using the same fitness or bodybuilding exercise program for years- you really need to break out of your comfort zone. Your body will adapt to your comfort zone workouts and slow your progress. Our programs are designed for constant progression- a strength gain here, another added repetition there, and a steady increase in your fitness, bodybuilding or sports performance."

Now that we have your attention with the Fitness Program Structure and the Exercise Training Times in the table above and your wondering how we do it- check out the videos below for just a SAMPLE of how our training methods SAVE YOU TRAINING TIME:

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Deadlift with Shrugs

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Squats with Calf Raises

"The simple yet seriously effective weightlifting techniques in the videos above have impressed so many fitness, bodybuilding and sports athletes-that they now appear on websites like:,,, and numerous other sights related to fitness, bodybuilding, weightlifting, martial arts, football, hockey, soccer, baseball, golf and tennis training for a reason- our weightlifting techniques and methods WORK and speak for themselves."

There’s a couple of FREE weightlifting work out tips you can apply to your fitness or bodybuilding programs TODAY, and shows you just SAMPLE of how The 10BUCK Training Methods can REDUCE YOUR TRAINING TIMES by substituting intensity for workout volume, and combining bodybuilding based and related weightlifting exercises.

"Weightlifting exercises can be combined as shown in the video examples, and can save an unimaginable amount of work out time. No need to go from one exercise machine to another- possibly waiting wasted minutes to use each- just to fit in two exercise movements in the time you could perform BOTH with our programs. Or- having to change from barbells to dumbells. When the finish position of one exercise is the same as the start position for another- why not perform the exercise movements back to back?"

Another important note: If you are spending your training time doing separate exercises dedicated to forearm work- FORGET ABOUT IT! Our programs will TAX your forearms just performing our exercise training programs alone- without having to devote extra sets, reps and time to exercise your forearms separately.

We cover all aspects of your fitness and exercise goals with all of our programs structured with different fitness intensity levels to address all of the above AND - The 10BUCK Training Methods can accommodate the beginning fitness enthusiast to the intermediate or even advanced bodybuilder or school sports athletes.

"The fitness and sports performance benefits of combining exercise movements into a single repetition have multiple effects on on any athlete. Replication of natural sports movements, and the strength gains not just in the target muscles- but the additional secondary muscles that assist these exercise movements and the related muscle load transitions."

Our advanced fitness programs (COMING FEB 2010) are HARDCORE in nature and targeting the advanced weightlifter or bodybuilder. Visit our Workout Program Downloads page often for our latest releases.

Imagine all of this for only 10 bucks– AND backed with a 6-MONTH GUARANTEE!!! That’s how confident we are that these training methods will forever change the way you look at Fitness, Health, and YOURSELF!

HOW? You might ask? With over 30 YEARS of fitness and bodybuilding exercise experience– we have combined the BEST and the MOST EFFECTIVE intensity techniques and structured them in a training program you have NEVER SEEN!

Our fitness programs structure your training by overlapping muscle groups AND intensity techniques and STACKS them for the ULTIMATE intensity in the least amount of time.

"The 10 Buck Training Methods are uniquely designed for male or female athletes or bodybuilders, strength or fitness trainers, serious athletes or weekend warriors- looking to make the greatest muscle gains and fat loss in the least amount of time."


Bodybuilders - tired of spending so many hours in the gym and approaching the overtraining threshold

Athletes – to spend more time on their sports performance TECHNIQUE, less time in the weight room, and still reap the sports performance benefits of weight training, especially if your coach has suggested some solid weight gain

Professional Trainers – struggling with those clients who seem to have less and less time to commit to training with life’s busy schedule- but DEMAND results

Athletic Coaches – who’s players could benefit from focusing more on their fundamentals, and reducing the amount of time in the weight room - workout #2 particularly replicates natural sports movements AND the muscle transitions between them

Strength Training Coaches – who must avoid overtraining their players to the point of actual strength loss or injury potential on the field or court as a result

Parents of School Athletes – whose children could improve their “game” with increased muscle strength and fitness or of children whose coach has suggested solid and lean weight gain

Weekend Warriors – who need their weekends free to pursue physical activities that would be so improved with more muscle strength, power and stamina

Anyone – whose physician has prescribed more exercise, or who needs to “get in shape fast” for a High School reunion, Spring Break vacation, or Photo Shoot

"Bodybuilding based weightlifting techniques are constantly referenced both in our exercise programs as well as throughout this website. Your fitness goals may or may not be that of a bodybuilder however- bodybuilders have truly mastered the science of building muscle and reducing bodyfat in the fastest and most efficient way possible. These same principles and goals should be the foundation of ANY fitness, strength or sports performance athlete."

The 10-BUCK Training Methods are designed to give you the MOST INTENSE weight training workouts in the SHORTEST PERIOD OF TIME, and give you the same results as spending many hours a day, and many days per week training– all while avoiding the dreaded OVERTRAINING plateau–which just leads to burnout, lack of fitness and strength gains, total loss of motivation, or even injury.

HOW? You might ask again? By combining MULTIPLE exercises into a single movement! For example:

Imagine training (and hard) your Biceps, Triceps, and Shoulders in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES- INCLUDING a “focus” exercise aimed at one of the 3 muscle groups above that need extra work. This is only a tiny example of a training program like you have NEVER SEEN, and we guarantee it for 6 MONTHS.

STOP! Wasting so much time working out, and imagine what you can do with HOURS of extra time each week: Perfecting your sports techniques, spending more time with friends, family, and your hobbies. How about MAKING MORE MONEY?


For example, if you make $10 per hour, and our work out programs can save you 4 hours a week training– OUR programs pay for themselves in week 1– and then some!!!

"All of our fitness programs sell for only $10 and are backed by a 6-month guarantee. We can do this because we know our programs produce RESULTS. Applying our fitness programs is the easy part- just follow the plan. All you have to do is apply yourself. Having only $10 on the line, backed by a 6-month guarantee, is certainly a small risk for taking a step where the benefits could change your life forever- starting with your first workout."

With the economic challenges we are all facing in some way- why spend more than you have to for sound fitness, bodybuilding or weightlifting advice. Other programs charge “3 payments of $19, $29, or $39.95” or a one time cost upwards of $100 dollars or more. At we’ll do it for 10 Bucks.

"Free fitness, bodybuilding and weightlifting advice is abundant on the internet- some of it is good training and exercise advice, some of it is bad. One thing to keep in mind though- if it's free, it's probably old-school fitness or weightlifting advice just re-printed and re-packaged- yielding the same old-school fitness and bodybuilding results."

All you are paying for with these expensive "Fad's" is fancy high-gloss full color program that has basically “re-packaged” the same old exercise and workout advice that you have already tried- and you will just keep you struggling to achieve the results claimed, and take much more of your time and dedication than necessary.

"Other fitness, bodybuilding or weightlifting programs often use paid fitness models or insult our intelligence with Photoshopped or blurred Before and After photos to promote their exercise programs. There's even companies out there that literally SELL fitness testimonials- do a web search for "fitness testimonials" and see for yourself."

We hear from so many of our customers that say after finishing The 10BUCK Training Methods that day- that they can’t wait to wake up and take a look in the mirror the next morning. The most common responses seem to relate to the cuts and creases that separate their muscles becoming deeper and more obvious AFTER EACH WORKOUT!

Another popular response is how the muscles are starting to appear right through your clothing- especially the shoulders after Workout #2. Wider shoulders help the waistline appear smaller in both Men and Women and really change the overall appearance of your body shape.

"The fitness testimonials on our site and for our fitness programs are REAL people like you with REAL fitness, bodybuilding and sports performance goals, and are getting REAL muscle building and fat loss RESULTS."

Sold? Ready to give our methods a try? Click here to go to our Downloads page.

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Fitness Bodybuilder Exercise

"I went from all biceps to all this- Check it out! Thanks 10 Buck Fitness..."

Fitness Bodybuilder Exercise

"Thank you for such an innovative program, and check out how I sprang back from having twins..."

Fitness Bodybuilder Exercise

"After years and years stuck in the same weight class- your programs have finally moved me up a class..."

"I've been experimenting with a a new program each summer to shock my fellow students when we get back to school. This fall they are not going to believe the progress I have made..."

"your programs are very inexpensive and not filled with flashy images- the content has proven to be priceless - especially when I look in the mirror..."

Fitness Bodybuilder Exercise

"Take it from someone in the fitness business- you guys are going to go big (like me) with these programs..."

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