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The Original 10BUCK Training Method - Year round Training - 40 years of age and older


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The Ultimate Workout Program for getting in shape FAST and STAYING in shape all year long. Designed for all Sports Athletes and beginning to intermediate Bodybuilders ages 40 and over looking to stay Lean, Mean and Muscular all year long. Spend LESS time training- while actually INCREASING your workout results.



·          Weightlifting philosophies and Structures to help Bodybuilders gain muscle fast- TOTALLY UNIQUE to our programs

·          Weightlifting Techniques and Methods to INCREASE Sports Performance for ANY Athlete in ANY Sport- with specific training sequences (Workout #2) that STRENGTHEN natural sports movements

·          Includes an Aerobic compliment to integrate based on your ultimate fitness goals or needs

·          Designed with total schedule flexibility for to accommodate today’s busy lifestyles to help balance work, school and family

·          Perfect for getting in shape on short notice- providing immediate muscle shape and tone through total focus on training efficiency

·          An excellent exercise foundation for a lifetime of fitness- regardless of your current fitness state- or your ultimate fitness goals

·          Re-printable Training Schedule Logs complete with your workout routine for that day or week with areas for you to record your progress and stay focused on your fitness goals

Perfect for Baseball, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Boxing, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Martial Arts, Mountain biking, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field- you name it- this program will IMPROVE IT.

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Fitness Bodybuilder Exercise

"I went from all biceps to all this- Check it out! Thanks 10 Buck Fitness..."

Fitness Bodybuilder Exercise

"Thank you for such an innovative program, and check out how I sprang back from having twins..."

Fitness Bodybuilder Exercise

"After years and years stuck in the same weight class- your programs have finally moved me up a class..."

"I've been experimenting with a a new program each summer to shock my fellow students when we get back to school. This fall they are not going to believe the progress I have made..."

"your programs are very inexpensive and not filled with flashy images- the content has proven to be priceless - especially when I look in the mirror..."

Fitness Bodybuilder Exercise

"Take it from someone in the fitness business- you guys are going to go big (like me) with these programs..."

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