Muscle Health and Fitness Over 40 – Year Round Exercise Fitness Guide: Bodybuilding Secrets COMBINED – More INTENSITY and Less TIME for Maximum Muscle Fitness

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Muscle Health and Fitness Over 40 – Year Round Exercise Fitness Guide is a specialized weight training workout routine for men and women in their 40’s.

Muscle Health and Fitness Over 40 - Year Round Exercise Fitness Guide; specialized weight training for men and women in their 40's. The ultimate workout routines for getting in shape FAST and STAYING in shape all year long. Designed for all types of athletes from beginning to advanced fitness and weight training levels. Stay Lean, Mean and Muscular all year long while spending LESS time training and actually INCREASING your workout results.

Those 40 years and older usually have higher fat-loss goals than most College or High School Athletes, and our 40 and over programs address this with a slightly higher repetition structure than our under 40 weight training workouts. As you enter your 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s- your tendons and ligaments become more sensitive and prone to injury using a heavy weights and lower repetitions, so we address this with slightly higher repetition counts in the initial and warm-up sets.

What makes the 10Buck Fitness workout routines perform so much better than typical "old school" weight training?

With 35 years of weight training and bodybuilding experience to build from- 10Buck Fitness has spent many years in many gyms interviewing athletes about specific muscle building exercises, set and rep counts, intensity methods and personal techniques that produced the most results in the least amount of time in their weight lifting workout routines- and recorded each and every one. We then applied, tested and constantly revised our base weight training routines until we found the ULTIMATE muscle health and fitness routines that work for all- not just gifted humans in magazines and Bodybuilding Encyclopedias.

Here are just SOME of the features found in our unique fitness guides:

-Fitness Plans that have 4 LEVELS of increasing intensity not only accounting for your current fitness training level, but the amount of time you have to train

-Workout Routines that structure your weight training by overlapping muscle groups AND intensity techniques and STACKS them for the ULTIMATE intensity in the least amount of time

-Muscle Fitness with our REVOLUTIONARY arrangement of sets, reps, intensity techniques and combined weight training movements to give you SUPERIOR results in the shortest possible amount of time while reducing "typical" training time

-Muscle Health with a weekly training routine that "OVERLAPS" certain body parts by design- "working" them on specific days, and "hitting" them hard on other days for the best muscle recovery and growth stimulation

-Workout Routines that COMBINE exercise movements to eliminate the need to focus on every single body part with multiple exercises and multiple sets– virtually negating over-training and strength plateaus- like our "infamous" Workout #2

-A Fitness Guide that has progression and flexibility by design for variety and muscle focus for increasing workout motivation

-An easy reading manual of containing (very) simple illustrations and tables, divided into 2 Main parts:

-Part 1 covers the actual techniques and training concepts, detailing the workout schedule and it’s variations to allow some personal flexibility, and focus for any lagging muscle groups.

-Part 2 includes your actual Training Schedule with workout logs for your personal inputs starting with Week 1 (Level 1), and a week by week plan through your first 12 weeks of training leading up to the "Peak" (Level 4) of the program. From this point you can print the included blank sheets with a simple screen grab sent to your printer or directly from your desktop.

Fitness, Muscle Building and Fat Loss and can be yours in less time than you ever thought possible through our Bodybuilding based Weight Training Routines. Our Fitness Training mission at 10Buck Fitness is to change the way athletes and bodybuilders of all levels pursue their fitness training goals with workout structures that are unique to The 10Buck Fitness Training methods. Give them a try and let the MIRROR be your judge.